The Hundreds

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The Hundreds Waves T-Shirt Blue

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The Hundreds Waves T-Shirt Blue

The Hundreds Waves T-Shirt Blue was founded by Bobby Kim and Ben in Los Angeles. This is men’s gear for online magazine also, inspired by a California culture. The brand is known as a lifestyle project also influenced by a variety of California’s lifestyle. Now sold worldwide, including at four of its own stores in the United States, The brand has expanded beyond men’s wear. They also carry a and headgear to a print magazine, a footwear collection and eyewear line. The Hundreds is a popular brand with a logo of a bomb. It started in Los Angeles, California as a culture design for apparel, shoes, and accessories. As many other brands this one carries more than just that, it also has skateboards. The logo is a bomb with a lit fuse and other design of screen prints in many different themes and color works.

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