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Cookies V3 Glowtray Red

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The new Cookies V3 Glowtray will allow you to get lit anytime and anywhere. Whether you are catching with your friends, riding in the car, or tapping into some late night snacks, the Glow Tray will be your go to accessory. Equipped a quick charging cable, an extra-long battery life and a micro-suede travel bag, Glow Tray keeps you prepared to turn up in any situation.

  • Lights Up
  • 6 Hour Charge (Without Cable)
  • Quick Charge
  • Auto Party Mode
  • 6 Color options with long press
  • Double Click on and off button
  • LED Battery indicator
  • While on with on single Click changes color
  • Easy to clean with wet towel
  • Charging cable included
  • Velour bag for safe keeping and protection included

Available in RED and in Blue

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